#88 -- Good morning!

So, it's a little after 5am. The morning sun is already nagging the world with, 'Time for the day to begin!!' and the birds are helping tremendously. I have actually been awake since 9am yesterday.

This is mostly due to my flatmates trying an experiment to mix coffee with Coke. It doesn't taste spectacular, but it doesn't taste disgusting either. We're just weird, seeking new ways of being awake. Well, it worked, didn't it? x)

But I just kept thinking as I tried to fall asleep. and then I realized, where will I be a week from this moment in time?

All this time, I've been thinking, "I'm leaving in a week, I'm leaving in a week." But now a new realization: "In a week, I'll be home." It's...wild to think about. I haven't been home for so long! I'm pretty sure everyone can't wait to see me. I feel the SAME. <3

Still.. I felt a sense of belonging to this place. Another place in the world I can call home. And with that I've met so many great people, and it'll be hard parting ways... knowing that next year, I won't be living with them, running into them at uni, hanging out at the library(b/c that's what libraries are for here, lol), chilling at pubs... yeah, it'll be hard.

That's only a minisculear(ahh that's not even a WORD) fraction of what I'm thinking about right now. I know I still have loads to do. I still have to pack. To think, I packed days, maybe weeks before I left for England. And now I'm days away from this ride coming to an end, when after months of being away, I'll be touching down in .. Angel town.

Aaaaaaaaaand here I sit now with a bowl of cereal I figured since I'm going to wake up later in the afternoon or something, might as well not miss breakfast, hahaha.

Maybe I can fit 12 more posts before Saturday?? lol, I'll probably end up spamming on the last day. We'll see what happens this week. A lot can happen in a week. :)

#87 -- And London again...


It was pretty lame having to wake up so early on a Saturday morning(5am, YEAH BOIII) but I had a pretty good time. Though nowadays, I'm so used to waking up at 10-11-12 so it was kind of offputting. But still fun.

What was up in London this time? The London Expo, of course. And I went with Anime Society. So we got to see lots and lots and lots of people dressed as anime/video game characters. Really cool. And I saw a lot of signs that said "Free Hugs" or "Hug Me". I got so annoyed with those.. pretty soon they started looking like "Kick Me" signs. But I kept my cool, that I did.

And I know the whole point of going to a convention is to go all out and buy collector's items like DVDs, mangas, character figures, humongous swords, etc, and leave the place with an empty wallet. All I bought was a Fruits Basket coin purse, and 4 buttons which ended up as a grand total of 11 pounds!!!! ...So what, I'm not that hardcore. I could say I didn't want to make room for all that stuff in my luggage. I could say that I'm just so used to staring at things instead of buying things. But what also ran through my mind was, "Do I really need this? Is that really going to last me?" Sigh. I guess I'm just not big on spending. ~shrug~

Good times, though. I wondered if those people in Star Wars trooper costumes were the same people who do it every year. And after that, we left the expo and went to central London, walked into this one manga shop, and then Forbidden Planet megastore place(aaaaaahhh Tom Fletcher aaaaaaaaahhhh). Thennn we ate at this Japanese restaurant called Wagamama, which had decent Japanese food. I love Japanese food, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Will I go back to London within these next two weeks? I think the next time I'll go will be on my way to London-Heathrow airport. Aside from studying for exams, I'll try to enjoy the rest of my time in England as much as I can. :)

#86--London again!!!!!!

Still very tired from yesterday(my shoulders and legs are sore, woo! Working it out in London) so here is what happened:

I was surprised to be able to wake up at 6 in the morning! Wow! Got to London by 10ish, headed straight toward the London Eye. Mann, the views from the top of the Eye are amazing. Yeah, it's pretty much a bunch of buildings close together with trees clumped together here and there(those are the parks, haha) but it was still quite a view! They labeled each side of the pod with North, South, East, and West, and there was a difference in each direction. Way cool.

Where did I go next? I went to King's Cross Station and looked for Platform 9 3/4, hahaha. For those of you who don't read Harry Potter, it's the barrier at the station that wizards and witches go through to get to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Eee!! 'Twas well cool. But no, I did not just travel to King's Cross just to take a picture of a trolley stuck in a wall. I also stopped by the British Library(apparently the official library of the UK, wooo). It was huge and, well, official. It also felt a little bit like a museum, but also a library of course. The part of the library I really wanted to go to(Rare Music, omgg) required membership to the library or something like that, so I ended up not going. Though I did get to walk through an exhibit that displayed original manuscripts of classical orchestra, like those of Mozart's. And, right next to the classical music was one whole wall dedicated to none other than THE BEATLES!!! Lyrics, guys, I saw the original handwritten lyrics to some of their greatest songs. One of them was "Let It Be". Pretty cool, right?

Then I went to Pollock's Toy Museum, one thing I've been looking forward to a lot-- I just like looking at toys, old and new. Sad thing was, there was an admission fee. Boo. I just ended up not going in. I went into the shop though, that was good enough for me, lol!

I did go to the Science Museum. That was really, really cool. I didn't expect it to be that cool. There were things about food, engineering, and genetics, such as "Which side of the family did you get your nose from?" or "Why do you get scared of such and such?" or "Why are you so awesome?" etc. One thing that was creepy though, was the gigantic pair of lips talking to you on a wall. That was weird.

Went to the Natural History Museum as well! Saw things about natural disasters and how the Earth began (ooh, rocks. ooh, waves on rocks. oooh, smooth rocks). I learned a lot of things about rocks(ahahaha). Then I kind of rushed past the green part, where they talked about why recycling was important. And then I suddenly had the urge to walk through the "creepy crawlies" section. I don't know, it was an urge. It seemed dangerous, but I guess that seemed fun. So I did, and got creeped out by every little thing, HAHAHA. They had a display of food and which bug/insect liked that food. Wtf. Needless to say I walked out pretty fast.

(I saw a little boy with a piece of paper drawing the large model of a scorpion on the paper. It was pretty much a stick figure but his mum said, "That's fantastic! Brilliant drawing! Let's move on to the next one! Brilliant!" Heeeeeee bless 'em.)

After that, I headed to Lyceum Theatre and saw THE LION KING!!!!!! I still prefer the movie over the show, but wow, it was fantastic. Loved the costumes and the the way the actors portrayed the animals. The songs were awesome. I must say though, some of the musical numbers were a bit out of place, LOL. Still loved it!

That was it. Apart from the long and frustrating journey home(engineering works on train tracks and delays and switching to last trains make these train rides no fun) I had a really fun time and I would SO do it again. Pictures will be up soon, still too tired to do anything right now..

#84 -- School and stuff.

Yesterday marked one whole month before I'm on the plane and back to California.

Wow, where did the time go?

I don't want to count down the days. It used to make me sad, thinking about how many days I have left on English soil. But I shouldn't be sad. I should stare time down, stare it in the face and live it up as much as I can.

It's kind of a shame that the rest of this final month is coloured with exams. My last exam is a mere two days before my plane ride. But I know I'll get through it. At the moment, I'm working on an essay that's due in next week, as well as an exam that's also next week. I'm a busy busy girl!! Quite a big contrast to last week's overwhelming events, lol. ~thumbs up~

I wish it wasn't so gloomy. I want the sun to shine! NOW! California, let England borrow some of your weather...

#82 -- David Archuleta.

It's a bank holiday, so while I upload videos from the McFly gig last Wednesday I figured I should spam LJ with posts of what I've been up to! :)

Last week was really exciting. McFly went to Portsmouth!!! 2 minutes away from my uni! But I didn't camp out or anything. My friend Fiona could hear screams all the way from her dorm though. Hehehe.

But more on McFly lata. We'll start with the support act, none other than the runner up of American Idol 7, David Archuleta!!

Collapse )

pics from the gig:

(edit: HAHA sorry about that. sth happened with the internet and I clicked without finishing this post. Here's the link)

Archie & McFly

#81 -- Happy Tuesday!

Uni is back in session now, and my spirits are up. It was a great 2 week holiday off, though it was pretty quiet going into town during that time. It was strange!

I've been sending postcards since last week.. got a couple more to send.. I think in total it'll be 40 that I've send. I should have kept up with this since the beginning! I'm so bad. I'm glad they're being sent though, otherwise I would have just hand-delivered them to everyone when I returned, LOL.

I'm going to be really busy the next week or so, but it makes me feel better when I have friends and flatmates around who are going through the same thing, and encouraging me and stuff. This means I'm going to live in the library again--FUN TIMES...

I'm wondering if I can fit another trip somewhere while I'm still here.. I still need to go to Camden Town in London(my friend Brintha wants to take me there!). We'll see what happens!

Another thing.. I'm going to a gig next Wednesday. McFly again. ^_^ Show number 3, here I comeeee.

I think that's all for now. Hi Mom, Dad, Liz!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome back to the US, lolo and lola! And also happy birthday to lolo!

Ta ta~

#80 -- Can't...move...

Not fun: The coach trip to and from! We had to take the coach to London, then from London to Dover for a couple hours, and then another long wait (passport checks and stuff) before going into the channel tunnel, the train that travels under the English Channel and links the south of England to the north of France. Pretty cool, except for the fact it broke down for a while! More wait time. When we finally entered France, it was another 3 hours to Paris(lol). You thought it might've been better on the way back, but just as we got to French customs for baggage check, the power went out. Maximum wait time!!!!!! Wee!!

The coach trip is possibly the cheapest way from LDN to Paris. But 8-11 hours travelling one-way with extra time-consuming problems, it's needless to say.. DON'T DO IT.

Other than that, Brintha and I had lots of fun in Paris. :) We got there Friday night, then on Saturday we walked from one end of central Paris to the other end, exploring and discovering. We went to The Sacré-Cœur Basilica(I lit a candle and prayed :) ), the Louvre(art museum, in which Da Vinci's Mona Lisa has her own wall!!) and we were sitting near the Eiffel Tower as it lit up. :)

On Sunday we went to a cafe, and went around Pigalle, the redlight district of Paris(LOLLL) and we found the Moulin Rouge! We also stopped by the Sri Lankan district(Brintha is from Sri Lanka) and I tried a pastry--quite nice. And our last stop was the Arc du Triomphe, which was really cool. We walked up almost 300 steps to the top of it, and there was an AWESOME view of the city all around.

I did not eat escargot, or creme brulee, or nutella crepe, and I did not buy berets. :( BUT everything else made up for it. I did eat a panini with salmon in it, with lots of mozzerella, and even a French hot dog, with lots of mozzerella. Both were actually really good. And I had a french steak(mmmmmmmm) and a strawberry crepe too. Their food was good!! I think next time I go back there I will concentrate more on French cuisine.

I still had a lot of fun! Going around and seeing Paris for what it is and all. Oh yeah, we walked around so much that I'm so sore... I don't think I'll get out of this chair for a week.

Pictures! Were mostly on actually Kodak film, the disposable ones.. so those will come later.

#79 -- Pre-Pariiii

T minus 6.5 hours!!

I'm planning to stay up all night to catch the coach to Paris, which departs at 5:50am. I usually do this with early morning trips anyway, but I feel like it's going to be a long night. :( I've got my Red Bull handy(usually I dislike Red Bull... but I think one of my flatmates Steph drinks it so much, and it doesn't taste THAT bad.. They sell this drink called Relentless but I don't know it, rather not try it.... I MISS ROCKSTAR and this is quite a long ramble within parentheses)

I also have 3 books about the wonderful number π!!! And I've started to read two. I bought a book on Amazon( thank you very much) for the very low price of 45p! I got that book just today. And I also had the pleasure of stepping into the university library today, and finding two more books about this glorious irrational number. So why π? I have to write an essay about it for my History of Maths class. 2,000 words. It's due in a little over a month.. I have no idea where to start essay wise, but I'm sure reading these books will help me out. I'm not used to reading about history! I think it's boring. But it is a nice change from solving problems. And it's also nice gaining insight on math. s. So anyway, I've got these books to get me through the night.

My flatmate Fardosa was teaching me French phrases and I know how to say "How much is this?" :) And of course "Hello" and "Thank you". And "Enjoy your meal". OMG Wasn't the movie Ratatouille in France? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH I should watch that before my departure. :) Or someone watch this in my honour! Particularly someone at home who owns the movie.. someone who is related to me, like, born 3 minutes before me or something. !!!!!

I'm expecting a call from Brintha later.. we're going to book our hotel(barely, LOL) but I'm going to Paris with her. We're going to have lots of fun. :) I bought disposable cameras too(doing it old school.. but that means no picture do-overs x.x).

ANYWAY, I hope you all have a fantastic Easter holiday! I'll come back with a beret and a belly full of bread and creme brulee!