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##01 -- First week back in California!

Lol okay, I'm updating.

A month before I had to come back to Cali, I thought of songs that fit me going back home. Here are some:

*- "Home" by Daughtry. But I didn't like the line, "These places and these faces are getting old," because I will never get sick of a lot of places in England. Or faces. :)

*- "Home" by Michael Buble. He mentions Paris and Rome, and I've been to those places! I was surrounded by, a million people I, ... never felt alone. So this song was out too x)

*- "Sweet Home Alabama" by [I forgot] I still remember one night when me and some of my friends had hot pot and my friend Steven sang, "Sweet Home California"!!!!!!!!

*- "Home Sweet Home" [recently sung by] Carrie Underwood. Every time a contestant was kicked off, I always thought of home because of Carrie. haha. I'm on my waaayyyy... home sweeet hoooome....

*- "California" by Phantom Planet. California, here I come, right back where I started from.

Okay I'm done. The last two songs fit, I think. I'm home now. It's been one week since I left England. I started looking for jobs already, decided not to go to school this summer, but lately just been lounging at home [playing The Sims 2!]. I went to the movies on Monday with Mom and my sister. We saw Up, which is another great film by Disney/Pixar. And today I drove for the first time since last July-August! I didn't drive at all in England, but for some reason I would be convinced that I should be driving on the left side of the road. lol.

A lot of my friends are graduating/have graduated this week, in Irvine and everywhere in Cali, and also in Portsmouth! Congratulations, everyone! I'm with you in spirit, always! I still have up to a year before I get to walk.

I'm now waiting to go to my cousin Kevin's birthday party. I'm sure it'll be big since all my family is going, including my mom's side of the family. And my Kevin's friends will be there too, I bet. Did I mention it's his 21st? It's gonna be massiiiive. Also, Happy Birthday to Anais!! And Happy Birthday to Brintharrr!!! I want to go to England to celebrate their birthdays with them.. but for now, I'll send them internet hugs~~~
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