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Portsmouth Forever
Things are gonna get better
#91 -- Tiger Tiger 
5th-Jun-2009 01:35 am
It's the very last Thursday of the semester, so hundreds of people went to the biggest club on Thursday nights, Tiger Tiger. My friends and I didn't even get in! I waited for my friends, then got into the queue, moved forward 2 feet within about 45 minutes waiting until someone announced the club was full, & they would allow people in as people left from the club. VIPs didn't even get to go in.

So my friends ditched it and we just hung out at a friend's friend's place for a bit. So strange how some flats are above shops and stuff. We walked through a walkway between two buildings(I didn't even realize the walkway was there! It had the ~Harry Potter~ effect I guess) And we got to the place through the staircase behind a foodshop. Craziness.

Got back to my home for 2 more nights. So the huge night out I highly, highly anticipated ended up extremely anticlimactic. I've never queued to get into a club before LOL. Interesting atmosphere. Everyone was just standing there quietly. Nothing rough happened. But the funny thing is, I don't really care at all that I didn't get to dance the night away. I didn't spend any money tonight, but I did spend time with friends. :) I did say goodbye to people and these goodbyes have been quite sad. Surprised I haven't cried yet. I know it hit me but maybe I've gotten to the point of acceptance.

Last Friday in Portsmouth. I'm freaking out--I need to be packed and have the room cleaned in 14.5 hours. I know I'll be able to do it. But. ugghhh. Let it begin. Omg I'm staring at myself in the mirror right now and my eyes are pretty big.
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