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Portsmouth Forever
Things are gonna get better
#90 -- Studying Nomad 
3rd-Jun-2009 01:52 am
10:30 In my room. La la la.. oh wait, I need to go into town to eat lunch with a friend. She's paying. (Thanks for the lunch, Meri!)

13:30 Ohhh hey, I ended up in Portland Building! In the computer lab there was a sign that said, "Quiet Please--Civil Engineers at work!!" Then why are half the computer screens in the room showing Facebook? Ah well, time to study and eavesdrop...

15:15 Hmm, Time to change my environment. I will study on the grass outside of the SC building. The sun is out and there is a nice breeze.(It's seriously Irvine-on-a-beach-day weather) La la la

16:00 I can't get this problem!!! Time to change again. Going inside the SC building now.. oh.. there's no one in there but the employees... I feel like they are watching me.. why don't they watch the TV, happy music videos are on anyway.. gah, change.

16:30 Hello, library.

Strange to say, but that was kind of fun. People study in different places for "a change of environment" so today I ended up living that phrase out to the best of my abilities.

And the time afterward included a dinner and a little break that increased because I missed the uni bus. But it was a good break in town. I will miss this town, and all the people I met in it. I'm going to repeat that so so so so so so much.

(looking to the home front though, the International Office at UCI sent a newsletter for returning students--i.e. me--about the outlook on going home. It was a very comforting read.)
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